Clubs & Activities

Clubs Introduction

We offer a wide range of clubs at Bursted Wood; there really is something for everyone. There are Sports, Arts and Academic clubs to choose for all year groups, both after school and during lunchtimes. At the start of each term you will receive a list of clubs and you are welcome to apply for the ones your child would like to attend. 





Basketball club runs after school on Fridays for girls and boys in Years 5-6. We practise shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding and defending, and we have fast-moving in house practice matches most weeks. Each March some players get to represent the school at the Borough tournament. 

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Computing club is filled with fun activities and uses a variety of different software to help improve computing skills and knowledge. The software’s include Scratch, a programming platform which creates digital imagery and movement by inserting different code. Minecraft EDU which teaches children about ratio and other coding concepts which can be applied to other situations. As well as using Note Pad ++ which is used to code websites by entering HTML language into the programme and then executing the programme to load a webpage to see the results.

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Football Skills

The primary objective of Bursted Wood Primary School Football Club is the development of junior football and footballers. We offer football sessions to young players which prepares them both mentally and physically in football skills acquisition. We offer a safe and supportive environment, encouraging skills development, fitness fair play and most especially team work.

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KS1/KS2 Dance

All Stylz Dance have continued to run the after school dance clubs here at Bursted Wood. The children learn how to warm up properly, cool down and stretch as well as the individual parts of a dance. Every week new moves are learnt and added to a dance that they have been working on the previous week.

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Children have learnt how to use the different modes on the cameras and have taken various pictures around the school. They have taken weekly photos of the building works around the school and then transformed these into diaries on the IPads, editing their photos and text. Children have taken pictures from different angles and have had to think about the direction they are facing and what they need to include in a picture.

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Science club is offered to pupils in Years 5 and 6 and focuses on the children’s ability to work scientifically. We have identified the skills required to make an effective scientist, and the children in science club have shared these values with the rest of the school during assembly.

So far this year, we have looked at making the most effective bubble wand and bubble mixture, the optimal growing conditions for cress and have designed our own torches considering insulators and conductors. The children have focused on their ability to plan investigation, make an observation and draw a conclusion from their results and evaluate their investigation, as well as having lots of fun! 

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Spanish club is offered to pupils in Year One. The aim of the club is to offer a fun introduction to the Spanish language and culture using songs, games, story-telling, role play and activity sheets.  

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The children have an outside coach from Oakwood tennis to come and teach them skills needed for a game. The children have been enthusiastic to learn forehand, backhand, volley and serve. Such skills are aquired from completing various different practice objectives set out by the coach, allowing the children to practice the different elements of tennis in fun games and activities.

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Touch Typing

Touch typing club is offered to pupils in Key Stage 2 on an invitation basis. Teachers nominate pupils who they feel would benefit from developing their typing skills to support their recording of work. The aim is to improve the speed and accuracy of pupils typing skills, which is measured when the pupils start the club and again at each half term. We currently use a range of typing programs but the main program pupils’ use is Nessy Fingers. 

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