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Welcome to Bursted Wood Primary School

It is now a week since I took up post as Head Teacher and what a week it has been!

Firstly I would like to extend my thanks to the staff, children and parents for the very warm welcome which I have received. I have been looking forward to joining the school community at Bursted Wood since my appointment back in December, but am even more excited now that I see first-hand the enthusiasm, warmth and strength of community which exists. I am certain that we can achieve much together in the coming months and years.

You may have already read the introduction I wrote to parents and carers before Christmas, which mentioned some details about the things I hold dear as an educationalist. Rather than reinvent the wheel, it’s my intention to build on the strong foundations which already exist in the school, maximising the talent and dedication of the skilled staff team, so that your children benefit from the very best we can offer in a forward thinking, outward facing, ambitious environment. I will share snapshots with you along the way as we move into this new chapter in Bursted Wood’s story.

Of utmost importance to me is the experience your children receive, from the moment you drop them off at the gates in the morning to the time they meet you again at the end of the school day. I have already had the occasion to see some of the high quality teaching, the robust safeguarding arrangements and the nurturing approach to pastoral care which your children are benefitting from every day.

I strongly believe that my job as a school leader is to be instrumental in ensuring that children have access to exciting, creative and meaningful learning opportunities. It is already a strength of the school that outcomes are high. I am passionate about ensuring that learning is exhilarating for all concerned: pupils and adults alike. I have met with key leaders within the staff who have also communicated this vision. We are working on plans to take the curriculum we currently offer into even better territory, focusing on the building of skills, knowledge and vocabulary, and including many awe and wonder moments along the way.

Behaviour is undoubtedly a great strength, and your children are to be commended for this. I have been overwhelmed with their politeness, good manners and the openness with which the children have been communicating with me thus far. I am thoroughly enjoying talking with different groups in the playground, and piecing together what they love about our school. I had a group of Year 6 children ask me for a meeting last week, as they wanted to share some ideas about improving the school’s response to the environmental crisis – I was so impressed by their succinct presentation and knowledge on the subject. I look forward to a steady stream of children coming to see me in my office to share their learning and ideas. (I have told all the children that my New Year’s Resolution is to keep my desk tidy, and that they must tell me off if they come to see me and it is messy…. I may live to regret this!!)

I will meet with all staff, as well as pupils in the coming weeks to ensure I include all stakeholders in forming a cohesive idea about where we are taking the school next. In this regard, I invite you to contribute to the conversation by speaking with me on the gate in the morning or afternoon, by emailing into school on the admin@ account for my attention, or writing in to me. There will also be an opportunity to come in to school for a Coffee Morning very shortly, when I will take the chance to speak with you further. Details will be communicated in due course.

I wish to thank the Senior Leadership Team as a whole, and in particular Mrs Spencer, for the support they have given me since the start of this term, and for all they have achieved for the school over the last term, providing us with firm footings on which to base next steps. Exciting times at Bursted Wood!

Helen Charman

Head Teacher 


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