Curriculum Overviews

We are very proud of our bespoke curriculum, at Bursted Wood.

We have redesigned our curriculum, moving away from the way it was previously taught. 

Taking inspiration from quality texts, we have rebuilt our curriculum intent, through the design of new Curriculum Maps for each year group. The intention is that learning is hooked upon a quality text, is linked between subjects, is relevant, engaging, exciting and fundamentally based on the National Curriculum.

Our new Curriculum Maps ensure that learning is sequenced, building ever upwards through the weeks, terms, years and key stages in terms of skills, knowledge and vocabulary. 

Our staff take time to develop their year group's curriculum further through their medium and short term planning, so that it is exciting and ambitious for all the pupils in their care. It is monitored by our subject leaders and Senior Leadership Team to make sure it is balanced and rigorous.

Reading Scheme and Phonics

Our KS1 phonics scheme is called Floppy’s Phonics. Floppy’s Phonics is a rigorous, easy-to-use systematic synthetic phonics teaching programme for early reading and writing success. We use the interactive phonics lessons and activities to teach sounds, blending, grapheme-phoneme correspondences, letter formation and pronunciation to the whole class, groups or for individual practise.

We have recently completely overhauled our reading scheme, streamlining it to Oxford Reading Tree, so that we can be sure that it matches children's development journey as they move from emerging to competent to expert readers between Reception and Year 6. This includes reading resources within the classrooms as well as those for home reading. Each classroom retains a diverse and relevant library of reading materials. In addition to those books, which are assigned to pupils through the reading scheme, they are also encouraged to select, enjoy, discuss and review books of their own choice. This aids them in the development of preference as well as enjoyment for reading. 


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